Gary's original music can be heard in radio, television and film worldwide. His music has been played in over 20 countries.

Check out PAWN STARS. You'll hear Gary's blues tunes throughout various episodes!



"Gary's creative contributions with the Roland VG8 added unique textures and soundscapes to  the Brand New Day record"- Sting  


NBC Network:

  • Days of Our Lives
  • Another World
  • NBA Inside Stuff
  • Today Show
  • NBC Nightly News
  • Leeza
  • Saved By The Bell
  • Sunset Beach
  • Providence
  • City Guys
  • NBC Sunday Movie
  • NBC Movie Of The Week
  • NBC Sports Special

ABC Network:

  • One Life To Live
  • Drew Carey Show: Drew and the Motorcycle
  • Weird Homes: Dare To Be Different

WB Network:

  • Hyperion Bay

E Network:

  • Introduction To E

ESPN Network:

  • Chicago Bulls/Michael Jordan Special
  • Golf Lexus Challenge
  • Hang Time I
  • Hang Time II



 Gary has worked with thousands of great musicians as well as world-class recording artists - including work with Sting, Neal Schon, Joni Mitchell, and others.


For more specific details regarding Gary's role with these artists and for audio examples visit the AUDIO section of the website.


 He has traveled abroad demonstrating products at clinics and trade shows for:

  • Roland
  • Yamaha
  • Brian Moore Guitars
  • David Allen Pickups
  • Graph Tech

Gary Cook is one of the most knowledgeable and respected guitarist/clinicians in the MI industry. In addition to having a total command of music and technology, he is any product's most articulate and passionate spokesman, successfully bringing his expertise and powers of persuasion to any public forum. I have seen him perform in clinics and workshops, where he first delivers a dazzling performance, showcasing a product in its best musical light. He knows products from both sides: as a musician and as a marketer." - Jon Chappell

Jon Chappell is the former editor-in-chief for Guitar Magazine, founder and first editor-in-chief of Home Recording, author of Guitar for Dummies, Rock Guitar for Dummies, and The Recording Guitarist: A Guide for Home and Studio, published articles in Guitar Player, Keyboard, EQ, Drum!, Rolling Stone, Spin, GQ, The New York Times)


Gary is a published writer with Blind Tiger Music and ASCAP. His awards include:

  • International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist
  • NM Music Awards Finalist
  • MCA Records/Stroh's Talent Search Finalist
  • Colorado Composers Classic Honorable Mention
  • Grove School of Music "Outstanding Guitarist of the Year"
  • Instrumental Music Teacher of The Year,
  • ASCAP Writer and Publisher


In addition to his recording and composing, Gary has also appeared in music videos and promotional videos with:

  • The Resistance
  • Roland
  • Yamaha
  • Brian Moore Guitars




Although Gary is primarily self-taught, after playing bars and concerts for 10 years he enrolled in the DICK GROVE SCHOOL OF MUSIC and graduated with honors:
  •  Guitar, Composing, Arranging, Modern Harmony
  •  Recording Engineering
  •  Dean's List
  •  Outstanding Guitarist of the Year